Over the last 11 years I have helped thousands of people reach their health and fitness goals!  I have been very lucky to work with incredible people!  If you would like to join the SHINE program, please click here to register: https://rdamico.wufoo.com/forms/z1ajpodz08azpwh/


PJ, (July 2018, Ontario, Canada): “Roxanne, I am on week 4 of the shine program. I have lost 6lbs but more importantly I am feeling so much healthier.  I don’t know why for so long I continued with my unhealthy habits because if I knew how good I could feel just by eating better, moving daily and taking care of my mind, I would have done this years ago!  Thank you for everything, you have saved me!


MG, (July 2018, Ontario, Canada): “I feel so amazing! I am on week 2 of the shine program and I am sleeping better, my headaches are disappearing, my clothes fit better, I have more energy and I love the recipes.  Thank you Roxanne for guiding me to get my health and wellness back on track! I love the program!


JK, (July, 2018, Ontario, Canada): “ As a busy mom of 3, working full time and taking my kids to all their activities I wasn’t putting myself as a priority.  With the meal guide you have provided I am able to cook healthy meals for my family and our fast food drive thru’s have stopped!  I’ve also noticed that with less fast food my kids seem to be more level.  Less highs and lows and less tantrums!  I do believe by eating better it has affected my kids behaviour for the better.  I love the program and how much it has helped my family!


TH, (June 2018, Ontario, Canada): “Honestly, I feel foolish that I’ve been eating wrong my whole life….what a life changer this plan has been! Thank you so much Roxanne.  I weighed in this morning and lost an additional 2 pounds, so I’m now at a total weight loss of 14.5lbs in 11 weeks!!!”


Anonymous (May 2018, Ontario, Canada): “I am soooooo excited!!! I have pair of pants with a side zipper that I could not wear last year as they were too tight. A few weeks ago I was able to do up the zipper 80% and manage to make them work. This morning I was able to zip them up completely and even do the hook and eye clasp!!!!!!!! SHINE Program for the win!!!!!!!


MT R. (Ontario, Canada 2017)

Thank you so much for creating such a great, fun and easy to follow program!! The detail put into the customization of the meal plan was wonderful and the recipes were delicious! This program really helped me get past the struggle of creativity in the kitchen and being told “what” to eat really helped us stay on track. The menus were very versatile and easy to substitute if needed or use left overs for lunch the next day. Even my husband enjoyed my cooking and participated! The workouts were simple and easy to follow, but were a perfect challenge for the muscles ! I highly recommend this program for anyone and everyone ! Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve hit a plateau in your current plan, Roxanne has the creativity you need to stay interested!  Thank you again Roxanne, so pleased!  Down 4.5lbs in 3 weeks!! (My husband lost  10lbs). We feel great!!!


Claire S. (Ontario, Canada 2017)

Roxanne’s program initially attracted me because of her claim to deliver a meal program based on your likes/dislikes and allergies.  I have a lot of allergies, so I was somewhat anxious to receive the first week and see what was delivered. What a positive experience this was!  It was so awesome to finally have a meal plan that I could follow without having to substitute anything and ensuring that I was eating healthy despite the allergies.  Also my family members are really picky eaters and they enjoyed the meals, which was so much easier to continue with.   The meals were nutritious and varied and you did not feel hungry at all.  If anything, I could not eat everything mentioned in one day.

The exercise plan was great.  It started gradually and became a little bit more intensive week after week but not overly to the point that I could not do it.   Just the first week alone, I was down a few pounds and inches, which have always been hard for me to achieve.   I also had better sleep during that period of time.  Roxanne also provided some guidelines and emails/Facebooks posts where she shared helpful & informative tips and encouragement.   Also having a support group helped in the whole process.  All and all, I have enjoyed this program and I have already signed up for the next 6 weeks.  In the meantime, I will continue with the meals that were provided.


Jen B. (Ontario, Canada 2017)

Roxanne’s Shine program was easy to follow and fit into every day life. The meals were all very good and best of all, they were items that my entire family would eat, so I was not making 2 meals, which often happens with other diets I’ve tried. Roxanne provided really valuable information throughout the program and was very supportive. I am happy with my results thus far and am looking forward to another round.

Weight – down 3.6lbs

Hips lost 3”

Waist lost 3”

Chest lost 3”


Bev G. (Ontario, Canada 2017)

The Shine program offers you a great variety in both food and exercise. The food is easy to make tasty and very filling and you can easily freeze extra for those days that you are unable to find the time to fix a meal. The exercises Roxanne gives are easy to do as well she gives great directions on how to do them and best of all  do not require a gym! The menu for the week is makes it easy for you to plan and be prepared. If by chance you do not like something Roxanne will quickly suggest something else or you can swap it out for one of the recipes you have already been given. The information she sends gives you info to think about and helps you stay motivated. I quickly lost weight but was never hungry and the exercise helped me to get back into a routine of taking care of me. My final weight was down 9.5 llbs as my measurements were  the same except my waist which was down an inch. This had to do with my hectic schedule not being consistent  but I was thrilled with the weight loss and will begin the commitment to the exercise now that the craziness has ended . Good luck on your venture.


Heather S. (Ontario, Canada 2017)

Roxanne’s program was a game changer for my household. With a newborn and a toddler, meals seem to get missed for me and if I manage to eat it was mostly junk food. Roxanne’s meal plans and workout schedules made me take time for myself and have a routine for cooking and structure for my day. The meals were absolutely delicious( esp for me as I WAS a picky eater). I tried lots of new foods and loved it all. After my three week program I found I had more energy and just felt better about myself overall. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to feel better about themselves and to make life easier. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn from you.


Aseel D. (Ontario, Canada 2017)

I don’t have my measurements unfortunately but I have my weight. I was 138lbs before and now only at 136. However during the three weeks I was on the SHINE program I felt fantastic.  I felt good, more refreshed, more energy and barely any cravings! The food was great and easy to prepare. During the first week I was little overwhelmed and spent way too much money on groceries lol, but by the second and third week I learned to just eat leftovers and stuck with meals that I liked.  Exercises were great and easy to follow and I definitely felt sore! Overall it was a great program and I would recommend it to my friends and family


Courtney D. (Nunavut, Canada 2017)

Overall I really enjoyed the shine program. I noticed that I had more energy. I didn’t crave my sweets and chips as much. I really enjoyed having my own meal plan. Living up North the fresh food situation can be tricky but for the most part I was able to make and enjoy all of my recipes. The workouts were nice and kept me motivated to move each day. I needed them to be a little more challenging. In most cases I just added weights or did more sets. One thing I struggled with was weekends and being invited to friends’ houses for dinner. I found myself packing food a couple times and cheating a couple times. But all in balance! Thank you for all the recipes I have added them to my recipe book!


Samantha M. (Ontario, Canada 2017)

I signed up for the Shine program after months of trying to lose those last few pounds of baby weight with no luck.  I appreciated the level of detail Roxanne used to create a unique and individualized program tailored to my needs.  She created cohesive, delicious meals that were full of foods I enjoy, and my husband was happy to eat along with me.  It left me so full and satisfied that I didn’t crave any other foods throughout the day.  The workout portion was very realistic with the time constraints of being a new mom.  I appreciated the daily emails and support group on Facebook, which helped keep me on track.  As Roxanne was able to tailor this program to suit my needs, I found I was more successful than I have been on other programs.


Elizabeth S. (Ontario, Canada 2017)

Hi Roxanne,

I want to thank you so much for sharing your story, experience, food and exercise plan. I am happy to say that I have made a few lifestyle changes: from drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables, and consuming healthier food choices (for all three meals and snacks) and last but not least, exercising.  You’re approach to nutrition is so rational and is very do-able, I love it!  You have given me just the inspiration and motivation needed in order to make common sense, healthy changes for myself and my family~~Thank you!!  I have a considerable amount of weight to lose and have found that while on your plan I am actually enjoying what I am eating.  The variety of food choices and menu plans have been a life saver for me.  Your recipes are delicious, easy to prepare, and easy to make.  I appreciate that “It’s real food!” Again Roxanne, many thanks for getting me back on track to a healthier me!


Amanda L. (Ontario, Canada 2017)

I knew for a while that I had to do something to shed some pounds and get back into shape. Roxanne’s SHINE program was just the “kick in the pants” that I needed to jumpstart my journey. The recipes were delicious and nutritious. The workout program was great to get me motivated to work out again. I saw results while on the SHINE program and the best part of all is that my husband, who barely ate any vegetables or cooked complete meals, now eats most vegetables and cooks entire meals following a recipe. His and Roxanne’s support were key in my success. I’m now motivated and determined to keep going with the exercises and the recipes and see how far I can SHINE. Amanda lost 6.6lbs and 5” in 3 weeks.


Louise M. (Ontario, Canada 2017)

I found the shine program to be unlike any other because it helped me to focus on my health not just a number on a scale.   I started drinking lots of water again which refreshed my skin and made me feel good. It encouraged me to do. exercise daily and to move through the day. There were many delicious meal ideas which made meal time easy.  I learned a lot about portion control and realized when I had a planned snack morning and afternoon I wasn’t as likely to overeat at meals.  There were quite a few emails which discussed certain topics such as why drinking water is important and a couple about emotional eating and others as well. Thank you Roxanne for helping me get back on track to a healthier me.


Lesley A. (Ontario, Canada 2017)

Hi Roxanne,

My final measurements were taken today and I am super stoked!

Chest – total loss -0.5

Waist – total loss -2

Hips -total loss -3

Arms – total loss -0.5

Thighs – total loss -0.5

Weight-total loss -6.4 lbs!!!!!

The SHINE program has helped me with the ever so important changing of habits! They say it takes 21 days to change a habit, and I feel confident that I am well on my way. I am moving more now, drinking more water, and planning ahead for meals. The recipes were all delicious, not just for me but my family.  Thanks Roxanne!


Kim R. (Ontario, Canada 2017)

Roxanne provided us with delicious, healthy recipes to use in her Shine meal plans. It is refreshing to be able to eat ‘real’ food while trying to get healthy. I found myself looking forward to my time in the kitchen and even more to the actual meals and snacks!  The workouts are easy to follow and allow you to go at your own pace.  And the daily motivation and information messages were great to help understand how our bodies work and keep us on track.  Unfortunately I became sick after Week 1 so I wasn’t able to complete the program but will definitely follow all of her plans once I am healthy again.  I am looking forward to continuing to Shine with Roxanne’s program!​  I will give it another try once I am healthy again, though. I loved your meal plans and recipes. Thank you for including me in your test group.


Isabelle B. (Ontario, Canada 2017)

Being a first time mom to a beautiful 10 month old can be time consuming and sometimes, in the mist of everything, we forget to take care of ourselves too. This program has allowed me to take a minute to slow down, appreciate what I do and find success in the little steps and little things that I end up doing in my day. it’s funny because I have been able to see a similarity between motherhood and a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the day, my daughter had a great fun day, she was happy , well fed and well rested. I made that happen. It was Right there, a success. Same as my lifestyle, I managed to follow the meal plan as best as I could, I managed to do a bit of exercising running around my munchkin ( even if I didn’t do all the exercises). Right there, those were little steps into success. I may not have reached my weight loss goal but I have seen major improvements in my energy, a change in my lifestyle. I also loved that the meal plan was adapted to me and respected my family’s needs.  I definitely want to keep going!


Leah G. (Ontario, Canada)

Roxanne is a busy Mom of 3 kids yet she still finds the time to encourage and support others in their journeys to get healthy. I love Roxanne as a coach because she is “in the trenches” with us and is completely honest about her own ups & downs with her own efforts to stay active & lose weight. She is completely relatable and you can tell that our success matters to her. She keeps a positive tone in all her coaching! I have been inspired by her to make some changes in my lifestyle for the long term.
Darryl D. (Ontario, Canada)

Are you struggling with your weight? Hate the gym scene? Need motivation? Looking for a training partner that motivates and encourages you and is there when you neod them? Just don’t know where to turn for help? Stuck in a rut? I have a very simple solution, coach Roxanne D’Amico. An inspiring young woman, mother, wife and daughter. Let Roxanne help you; discover your inner beauty and strength; to take on your weight loss challenges; to motivate you to workout with fun routines and to set you on the path to a healthier lifestyle;   She is truly a unique individual willing to help you succeed in whatever health challenges you have. How do I know? She does for me everyday! Thanks for the inspiration, support and commitment Roxanne!


Julie R. (Ontario, Canada)

In my own personal opinion Roxanne D’amico is the best health and fitness coach round. She’s is always there when you need her and she is always checking in on her clients to make sure that they know that if they need anything, she’s there no matter what. A mind, body and soul motivator, Roxanne is a great advisor for all health and fitness needs and tips. She will stay by your side 24/7 and she provides you with all the resources possible to help you achieve your own individual goals and health and fitness success. I would recommend Roxanne to anyone who is looking to make some positive changes in their lives and who is ready to commit to an opportunity of a lifetime.


Amanda M. (Ontario, Canada)

Roxanne provides a holistic view on fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, and personal change. Her personal experiences give her a unique insight on the contemporary struggle to live healthily and efficiently. She provides routines designed to maximize your bodies potential, as well as considering a realistic commitment to routine. She has developed a strong network in which her clients draw support, knowledge, and inspiration. The best lesson she was able to help me learn is that the only limits you have are imposed on yourself. There is always opportunity, especially in giving yourself the gift of health. Best. Present. Ever! Thanks Roxanne! Make the commitment to yourself today, work with Roxanne, and you’ll develop some fantastic life long health and wellness strategies.


Donna and Keith B., (Ontario, Canada)

You have been both amazing and very encouraging and have always been available when we had questions. Thanks again Donna and Keith B.


Heather M. (Ontario, Canada)

Hi Roxanne! As I head off to Costa Rica for another winter I thought it appropriate that a Big Thank You should come your way before my departure!! Last year after a winter in CR and then a trip to Miami my weight and my energy levels were at an all time low. In late May I followed your recommendation and tried a month of Shakeology in my flavor of choice Chocolate!! Coincidentally your 2nd recommendation of exercise with my Shake was forced on me with the arrival of my son’s dog Hunter. For two weeks straight I was “forced” to walk Hunter countless times day and night and seriously my reward was my Shake. I lost 13 llbs in two weeks.! I ate breakfast and dinner. After Hunter left I swam with a friend 4 times a week until my Gall Bladder surgery! I am pleased to say I have kept that weight off and lost a further 5 lbs for a total of 18 lbs. I thank you for your daily inspirational quotes and kindness, I will continue to use Shakeology because turning 60 next year has given me a further incentive of at least 10 lbs this winter and with the Gall Bladder gone I may even achieve more!
Lynn D. (Ontario, Canada 2017)

The recipes were tasty and easy to follow.  Overall, a good program.



Phoebe B. (Ontario, Canada 2017)

I had decided to try out the Shine program because I was so tired of being stuck where I was and needed some motivation to get my health back in check. I did very well following the program the first week and I enjoyed the meals and managed to do some of the workouts plus my return to running 3 times a week. The second week, with the holidays looming and busy with work, I only was able to follow the program for 1/2 the week.  Sadly, I didn’t get the third week in at all.  I kept mindful, however, portion control that I learned from earlier in the program.  I think I would try again when not so busy with holidays. I would also need to be more organized because I thought the meal prep was time consuming.  I am fasting this month, as I always begin my year this way, but perhaps next month might be a good time to try again.  Thank you Roxanne for all your help with getting me back on track. I really enjoyed your transparency with the group and words of encouragement!:)



Michaela P. (Ontario, Canada 2017)

Over the three weeks I learnt an incredible amount about nutrition, changing eating and physical activity habits and about myself. First of all I realised, even though we are told this all the time everywhere, that I drink almost no water and way too much coffee!!! I loved the regular emails in between that talked about making time for yourself, turning on some nice music in the morning, breathing, being present when with your family and loved ones and not being on your phone all the time and looking after yourself. The meals were delicious and easy to prepare and it was easy to please my husband and 3 kids. I wasn’t hungry at all and loved the fact that it included a lot of vegetables. I have printed all the recipes out and will definitely keep on making them. Thank you! It was super yummy. The exercises were also easy to follow – although I have to confess that I didn’t do them every day like I was supposed to.  My only negative feedback would be that my meal plan had a lot of meat/chicken for dinner over the 3 weeks and this made it very expensive for me (over the 21 days there was beef/chicken or pork every day except 1). Thanks again for all your hard work and time you put into the group.