Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Wow, 2017 flew by!


As I sit here trying to type out how I l feel about the past year and how much I am looking forward to new adventures in 2018, I am hiding on master bedroom floor on the furthest side away from the door so my kids won’t find me (it’s taken me 8 minutes to type these few lines with two time outs thrown in there for fun) I am reminding myself to appreciate the small things in life.


For a long time I was trying to be happy, rather than just being happy and grateful for what I have. If I lost this much weight or weighed this much, I would then be happy. If I got a new job, I would then be happy. If I went on this trip, I would then be happy. But what I missed during all of that was that I could be happy while reaching my health and fitness goals. I could be happy in my current job. I could be happy without having to travel. Happiness is a state of mind, it’s not something you can go out to buy or something that gets handed to you. It took me a very long time to realize this. But once I did, my life was so much more calmer and peaceful. The scale not moving or going up would send me into a downward spiral of anger and annoyance and I would take it out on those who were closest to me. I was so hung up on reaching certain goals in a specific period of time I didn’t appreciate life as it was going on around me. That was a huge lesson learned for me in 2017! One that I am so grateful I have finally figured out.


Looking into the future and what I want to accomplish is inspiring! Having goals, plans and dreams moves us forward. They help us become better people and give us something to work towards. The journey to achieve something is hard work! Often it can be devastating when you don’t reach a goal or stumble but once you get through the devastation you are stronger, more determined and motivated than ever.



I see a lot of posts about goal setting or resolutions being stupid and all these stats about how many people don’t keep their goals by the end of January. I think goal setting and listing things you want to achieve is so important! I will always encourage you to set goals and it’s something I am constantly asking my clients about. I want to emppwer you all year long to strive for what you want to achieve!


Today is the first day of a brand new year. Take some time to just be still and really think about what you want to achieve this year. No goal or resolution is too small or too silly. Now is the time to embrace your passion, start a new habit, improve on something, take time to meditate, walk, listen to music, have a bath, connect with yourself! If you don’t quite know what you want this year, that’s ok! You can set a goal any time of the year and I will always be here to support, empower and encourage you!





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