SHINE 2018

If you are ready to make 2018 your healthiest year yet, I want to help!

I have designed my own health and wellness program with an emphasis on stopping the cycle of fad dieting by teaching my clients proper nutrition, balance, moderation and exploring their relationship with food to empower them with the knowledge to take control of their lives so they can SHINE.

My program is different than any other program out there right now as I listen to your needs, I listen to your food likes and dislikes, I take into consideration dietary intolerances, allergies, dietary preferences and your current lifestyle.  If you don’t like broccoli, I am not going to put it on your meal idea list 5x a week!  If you don’t like apples, peaches, carrots, onion, beef, chicken, bread, eggs, olives, etc, I won’t put it on your plan!  How can I get you to commit to my program if I am suggesting foods you hate and won’t eat?!!  That’s no way to empower someone to set them up for success!


**This is not a shake diet, not a wrap diet, not a supplement diet, this is real food from any regular grocery store, that’s it!

There is so much information out there on what to eat, when to eat, to go carb free, low fat, high protein, etc, it can make us a little crazy trying to understand it all! This program is broken into 3 modules, each module lasting one week that incorporates a weekly meal ideas, a weekly exercise plan, weekly challenges, weekly advice and weekly ways to include your family on your healthy journey.

Throughout the 3 weeks we will explore our relationship with food and understand how food works with our bodies. We will talk about fats, carbs, proteins, learning to see food as our friend, not our enemy.

Each participant will get:

– 3 weeks’ worth of meal ideas, customized to you, your goals, and taking into consideration allergies, intolerances being vegan or vegetarian. Recipes are low in sugar, high in fiber, include whole grains and a variety of healthy proteins.

– A weekly exercise plan

– 1 one on one sessions with me, over the phone to talk about your goals, struggles, challenges, etc.

-Everyone will be added to a private facebook group for additional support, guidance, motivation – it will be a safe space to share our daily joys, our struggles, our accomplishments and for us to lift each other up.


My special Christmas pricing is $40 for 3 weeks (expires jan 3, 201811) That includes the customized meal ideas, the customized workouts, 1 (15 mins) sessions with me and daily support and motivation for 21 days! It’s time to live the life you deserve so you can SHINE!


Christmas Pricing:

Three weeks $40

Four weeks $50

Five weeks $60


Send an email to if you would like to join!

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