Baby, It’s Your Time To SHINE!

I am so excited for my new program that has been completely designed and created by me!

I have designed this program with the intention to empower women to take control of their lives so you can SHINE; have a healthy relationship with food and a healthy body image, increase your confidence, take control of your health, increase your energy levels, sleep better, improve your mood, work towards your fitness goals and look and feel amazing!

There is so much information out there on what to eat, when to eat, to go carb free, low fat, high protein, etc, it can make us a little crazy trying to understand it all! This program is broken into 3 modules, each module lasting one week that incorporates a weekly meal ideas, weekly fitness tips, weekly challenges, weekly advice and weekly ways to include your family on your healthy journey.

Nutrition and fitness can be so complicated, it’s now time to take control and empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to take control of your life so you can SHINE!

I will teach you the principles of eating for optimal health, well-being and weight loss, and can help you create a plan that will work for your body, preferences and lifestyle.

Week 1

– Nutrition 101 week! We are going to learn how carbs, fats and protein work in our body and why it is important to fuel our bodies with good wholesome foods that will give us energy, make us sleep better and help us SHINE! We will be learning to see food as our friend, not an enemy!

– Exercise boot camp! This week will be the basics boot camp. We are going to start slowly to get moving and be active on our own and with our family.

– Weekly challenge! This week will be exploring our relationship with food. Why do we eat when we are bored? Why are cravings so strong? Why do we self sabotage?

– Family time! This week will be focusing on getting outside and having fun with our kids and spouses!

Week 2:

– Understanding the fads! Does a low carb diet really work? Will drinking apple cider vinegar really work with losing weight? Does wrapping myself in saran wrap get rid of my cellulite? What about gluten free and fasting?

– Exercise! This week we are going to learn why strength training is important and how it will help us with our every day tasks. Lifting weights will NOT make you bulky, but it will give you amazing definition and you will continue to burn calories while at rest!

– Weekly Challenge! This week will be focusing on de-cluttering your space so have somewhere to go that makes you happy, gives you a sense of peace and a place where you can practice your gratitude and mindfulness.

– Family Time – this week will be focusing on getting your kids to help in the kitchen and maybe try some new foods!

Week 3

– Nutrition with balance. This week will be focusing on balance and eliminating guilt from your diet!

– Exercise! Let’s take it up a notch and push ourselves outside our comfort zone!

– Weekly Challenge – Self love. As a mom, wife, employee, lady boss it can be so hard to love ourselves when everyone else demands so much of us. We are going to spend this week learning small things you can do on a daily basis to ensure you love yourself.

– Family Time – This week will be focusing on helping your family understand why it’s important to eat well, why it’s important to be active and why it’s important to be able to talk with your kids about these topics to avoid eating disorders and poor body image as they go through life.

Each participant will get:

– 3 weeks’ worth of meal ideas, customized to you, your goals, and taking into consideration allergies, intolerances being vegan or vegetarian. Recipes are low in sugar, high in fiber, include whole grains and a variety of healthy proteins.

– A weekly exercise plan

-Daily advice on nutrition.

– Everyone will be added to a private facebook group for additional support, guidance, motivation – it will be a safe space to share our daily joys, our struggles, our accomplishments and for us to lift each other up.

It’s time to live the life you deserve so you can SHINE!

If you would like to order the package, please send an etransfer to, with the words SHINE in the comments. Or you can send an email to if you would like to pay with cash or cheque.


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