The 21 Day Fix Program – Complete Guide!

You’ve heard all the hype, have likely seen the infomercials or know someone who has done the 21 day fix program but are still hesitant to give it a try! I can totally appreciate that! I’ve gathered all the info so you can make an informed decision on if this program is right for you!

Autumn Calabrese released 21 Day Fix on February 3rd, 2014 and has completely blown up the entire fitness world. In 21 days, you can lose up to 15 pounds working out just 30 minutes a day. My name is Roxanne D’Amico, and I have had the pleasure of working out with Autumn Calabrese, the creator of 21 Day Fix a couple of times now, and I know how amazing this program is first hand.IMG_9966

So how does 21 Day Fix work? how does the nutrition guide work? What are the workouts like? I’m excited to share with you the complete guide to 21 Day fix!

In this Complete Guide to the 21 Day Fix, I will explain to you exactly what you can expect from 21 Day Fix. This 21 Day Fix review will give you all the details and the support you need.

I Just Want To Order 21 Day Fix!

If you are looking to buy a copy of 21 Day Fix and don’t want to read the complete review you can buy the Challenge Pack (the best deal), or the Essentials kit you can go here . Before you do that, make sure you add me on facebook if you have any questions, or if you want support from me for free! I’ve helped hundreds of people get incredible results with 21 Day Fix!

21 Day Fix Challange Pack
21 Day Fix Challenge Pack – (On Sale for $186 CDN in April)
Includes: 7 Workouts, Portion Control Containers, Bonus Dirty 30 Workout DVD, 3 Day Quick Fix, Eating Plan, 30 Day Supply of Shakeology, and 30 Day’s Team Beachbody VIP Membership
Order Here: Includes $2 Shipping and Handling

21 Day Fix Essentials Kit – $73.85 This option just includes the workouts and the containers. Does not include shipping or Shakeology. Order Here:

Who is 21 Day Fix For

21 Day fix is especially designed for people that want to focus for 21 days, and get amazing results. If you have an event coming up in three weeks; a wedding, or a vacation on a beach, then this is the right program for you. Want to lose weight quickly? Want to look your best possible in 21 days? Need to lose 15 pounds in 21 days? Then 21 Day Fix is for you. 21 Day Fix is also for those that want to learn how to portion control. The biggest problem most people have is they eat way too much food in one sitting, by using the portion containers for your meal planning you will be eating enough to fuel your body and keep you full without overeating. If you struggle with eating, Autumn Calabrese has created a unique portion control system that actually ships with 7 different containers for you to use on your journey. Anyone can do 21 Day Fix. In the workouts there is a woman who does modifications for the workouts, she’s so good! No matter what your current size or fitness level is, you can do this program! People that have 10 pounds to lose, or those that have over 100 pounds to lose will see incredible results.

How Does The 21 Day Fix Portion Control System Work

The 21 Day Fix Portion Control system is incredible. You get 7 colour coded containers that are shipped with the program that you use to measure your approved foods (from the approved foods lists that are provided in the book) They are even color coded for you so you know what should go in each containers. No weighing, no measuring, no worrying about what you are going to eat. The portion control containers make it easy – if it fits in the containers, you can eat it!
•Purple – Fruit
•Green – Vegetables
•Red – Protein
•Yellow – Carbohydrates
•Orange – Nuts
•Table Spoon – healthy fats
•Blue – Cheese, Hummus


There is even a container you can use to have a four-ounce glass of wine if you like! Any workout program that lets you have a little wine is so ok with me!

What is the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan

You don’t count calories with the 21 day fix meal plan. You simply use the portion control containers. Each section of the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan has a colour and a container, so the meal plan matches that! You simply find a recipe for the container you are going to fill, and put the food in the container! There are all kinds of options for you to choose from, even vegetarian and vegan meal options. In order to figure out how much food you can have, you use a simple formula. Weight * 11 – 350 gives you how many calories you can eat with the 21 Day Fix. You can then pick a meal plan to follow. For example, if you fall in between the 1,200 to 1,500 calorie a day diet, the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan will tell you exactly how many of each of the 7 containers you can have throughout the day.

What Workouts Are Included in 21 Day Fix Program?

21 Day Fix includes some of the best workouts I have ever seen in a long time. There are 7 workouts included in the workout:
•Dirty 30 workout
•Total Body Cardio Fix
•Upper Fix
•Lower Fix
•Pilates Fix
•Cardio Fix
•Yoga Fix


Check out the video here:

What’s Included in 21 Day Fix

It depends what you want to get, but I always recommend the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack which includes everything in the base kit plus a one month supply of shakeology!

The 21 Day Fix Base kit includes:
•All of the 7 base workouts: Dirty 30 workout, Total Body Cardio Fix, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Pilates Fix, Cardio Fix, Yoga Fix
•Start Here Guide with Workout Calendar
•3-Day Quick Fix
•Eating Plan
•24/7 Online Support through me as your Beachbody Coach.
•7 color-coded portion-control containers
•Shakeology shaker cup

21 Day Fix Ultimate Kit includes:

The 21 Day Fix Ultimate Kt includes everything the base kit includes, plus:
•Flat Abs Workout
•Barre Legs Workout
•1 Pro-Grade Resistance Band (Pink=15lbs)
•Extra large On-The-Go container to store all your containers
•Shakeology Shaker Cup
•Insulated Tote Bag

What Equipment Do You Need for 21 Day Fix

All you need for equipment with 21 Day Fix is a 5 to 15 pound hand weights. The workout itself comes with a 15 pound resistance band if you purchase the 21 Day Fix Ultimate kit.

How Do I Order 21 Day Fix?

You can order 21 Day Fix while supplies last right here. It is on sale for $186 and includes everything you need to get started. The 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack ships within two business days. There is another option of ordering the 21 Day Fix Base Kit. Before you order, or if you have any questions about 21 Day Fix, please don’t be shy and add me on facebook! I’d love to support you and answer any questions you might have with 21 Day Fix.

21 Day Fix Challenge Pack – (On Sale for $186)
Includes: 7 Workouts, Portion Control Containers, Bonus Dirty 30 Workout DVD, 3 Day Quick Fix, Eating Plan, 30 Day Supply of Shakeology, and 30 Day’s Team Beachbody VIP Membership
Order Here: Includes Free Shipping and Handling


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